Our aim was to improve the quality of the film and make the beautiful picture.
This 80 years research and development was connected to make "beautiful skin".
Here we introduce our own 4 technologies to connect between photographic film and skin care in future.

Fujifilm’s Nano Technology

Photographic film technology

Own technology, developed in the photographic business, deliver nanoparticles stably to areas where they are needed.

Photographic film is approx. 20 micrometers (0.02mm) thick, which is about the same as the skin’s cornified layer.  

The ultra-thin film contains particles controlling light, colors and images to capture a photographic subject.  

To deliver beautiful pictures, the film must be made with technology for stably delivering micro-particles to designated positions.  

Through R&D in the photographic business, Fujifilm has developed advanced nanotechnology for controlling fine particles.

Application to the human skin

By being blended them stably and at high concentrations, ingredients maximize the effects and are go inside the skin.

The skincare world is full of excellent ingredients that have yet to be fully explored. Many of them have a ‘blending’ issue. 

Fujifilm has used its unique nanotechnology developed in the photographic business to successfully formulate nanoparticles of such ingredients to blend them stably and at high concentrations.

Nanoparticles of these ingredients penetrate through the gaps of the skin’s cornified layer to reach areas where they are needed.

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