Our aim was to improve the quality of the film and make the beautiful picture.
This 80 years research and development was connected to make "beautiful skin".
Here we introduce our own 4 technologies to connect between photographic film and skin care in future.

Fujifilm’s Collagen Technology

Photographic film technology

Technology, developed in the photographic business, deliver nanoparticles stably to areas where they are needed.

Half of photographic film is made of collagen, which is also the main component of the skin. Fujifilm has investigated the machanism of collagen to keep the quality of picture.

Our aim was to create the collagen which is not degraded by the damage such as UV rays, high purity and highly functional collagen.

After identifying the optimum types of collagen for achieving moisturized and firm skin, Fujifilm has discovered dermal collagen’s new function on skin cells, and is applying the knowledge to cosmetics/supplements development and "regenerative medicine field" as well.  

Application to the human skin

Control the skin's elasticity by highly functional collagen.

To apply the collagen research to the skin, Fujifilm made “skin model which is the same structure as human skin” and inventigated the collagen function of the skin.

And finally Fujifilm discovered the collagen function which controls the skin's elasticity.

By utilizing the latest technology, Fujifilm maximize the collagen function and improve the elasticity which decreases with age.

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