Why FUJIFILM produce cosmetics? (Anti Oxidation Technology)


Our aim was to improve the quality of the film and make the beautiful picture.
This 80 years research and development was connected to make "beautiful skin".
Here we introduce our own 4 technologies to connect between photographic film and skin care in future.

Fujifilm’s Anti Oxidation Technology

Photographic film technology

Research for anti-oxidation technology to protect photographs from color fade

Photographs fade due to the oxidation effect of active oxygen. 

Fujifilm has accumulated anti-oxidation technologies for protecting photographs from fading. And we have found about 4,000 kinds of acti-oxidative ingredients.

Our own anti oxidation technology and ingredient database, there are full of possibilities to be applied to the development of skincare cosmetics.

Application to the human skin

Ingredients which have high anti-oxidative power approaches spots and lines of the skin.

Same as the “color fade” of the photographic film, the cause of spots and lines on the skin is "oxidation".

To keep the watery skin, we must suppress the damage of active oxygen generated ny UV rays.

Fujifilm found the effective anti-oxidative ingredient from our tons of ingredient database. By enhancing the anti-oxidative power which skin originally has, we stop the aging and improving the skin's elasticity.  

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